example of describing a cellphone essay

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Example of describing a cellphone essay help with my religious studies curriculum vitae

Example of describing a cellphone essay


The cell phone has become more than just a phone a call and it has broken boundaries by literally cutting the cord. That is an. Title is centered about one-third down the page. Marginal annotations indicate MLA-style formatting and effective writing. Source: Diana Hacker. Mobile phones differ from cordless telephones, which only offer telephone service within limited range through a single base station attached to a fixed land line, for example within a home or an office.

Today, cell phones are the most popular tool for communication. Unlike the cell phone in, cell phone can do no more than just make a phone call. People can use it surf the Internet, play games, read e-books, take photos and videos, and so on. People do not have to work at offices. However, when looking at age groups who own a smart phone ownership goes down with age.

The same trend applies when just looking at cell phone ownership without smartphone capabilities. This means that the younger a parent is, the more likely it will be that they own a cell phone or a smart phone Anderson, In this modern day and age cell phones are easy to carry and can be very cheap to buy. English III, Pd. Today, many people get hurt in various ways because of cell phones, so does that make them useful?

Today cell phones are one of the most used things in this world. This shows that there is a true threat to other drivers who do not use their phones while driving. People may not only die because of cell phones, but some may get hurt or get disabled. Science was the main key to the birth of the cell phone which was put together by the Motorola Company who today is still making cell phones. Before the cell phone came out the car phone was the first mobile phone which were very large and had to be hooked up to a briefcase which supplied the power for the mobile phone.

Science was the utilized to create. Instead of thinking of a phone as a type of device, people everywhere should realize what it really is, a necessity. A necessity is something that people have to have in an everyday life. They have became. They have been a necessity in our everyday lives. Even children nowadays have their own cell phones.

But as for me, I own a Blackberry Curve 3G phone and it can be very useful for communication, school, and entertainment. The main use of my mobile phone is for communication. I can use it for sending text messages and for calling anyone from anywhere in the island without a landline connection. It also allows me to call for help during times of emergencies.

For example, if I encountered an accident, I can immediately call my friends or family for help. And any cellular phones can make a call to in case there is no service to where the person is, or in case he has no load. In the past, whenever a person needs to get a hold of someone, he can only call them using their landline phone.

Or if he is not home, he needs to run to the nearest telephone booth to make a call. Because of technological advancements, I can also use my phone for sending e-mails and instant messages through Blackberry Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, and MSN. Even social networks like Facebook and Twitter that can only be accessed through the computer can now be accessed on my phone.

I will never be bored when I have my cell phone. It is not just a great communication device; it can be a good source of entertainment as well. There are thousands of free games available that can be downloaded easily. I do not have to bring a camera, iPod, or mp3 players separately because my mobile phone has all their features.

I can take pictures and videos, listen to music, watch movies, and play games with it. It is hard to picture life as it was before the mobile phone was invented. I cannot always go to the computer lab or use the computers in the classroom to look up something, so it is very convenient to go on Google on my phone. Having a dictionary with me helps a lot in writing my essays in English class, but having a dictionary on my phone is more convenient and saves more space in my bag.

I also use my phone as a calculator for mathematics class. My cell phone, being lightweight and small is very convenient to have and can be used anytime. A device small enough to fit in my pocket that can be used to communicate, for entertainment, and of good help in school is a great invention. Carrying it will not be a hassle for me since it is small.


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