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Rubric for lab report


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Use this as a template for creating your own checklist or grading rubric to meet your laboratory needs. Note that it represents a score for the organization of the report as well as the inclusion of the correct science content and the mechanics of writing e. As a general rule, grading a report like this should include a scale that differentiates between demonstrated levels of performance and provides students with feedback on what they need to do to get better.

Title : The title of an experimental report should indicate the factors being manipulated, the effects or responses being measured, the specific topic or organism under study, and the name of the researcher s. Be as concise as possible. Introduction : The introduction should provide a clear statement of the problem or questions addressed by your study. It should give references to relevant reports by other workers and should include enough background information to make your report understandable as an independent unit.

Materials and Methods : This section should 1 enable others to judge whether your techniques justify your conclusions, and 2 provide enough information to allow your work to be repeated. Since your protocol was detailed in the lab manual, a short outline or explanation and a formal reference to the lab manual will suffice. Include any deviations from the lab manual protocol. Results : Tables and figures, although important, are not enough for this section. Describe your results briefly, but indicate trends in your data that will be discussed in the next section.

Tables and figures should be numbered, labeled, and mentioned in the text. The dependent variables should be on the vertical axes and independent variables on the horizontal axes. Linear, semi-log, or log-log graphs should be used where appropriate. Discussion : The discussion should include an error analysis or at least an estimate of uncertainties , any conclusions drawn from your results, and whether your data are consistent with relevant models or hypotheses.

Summary : The summary should be a shorter version paragraphs of the paper for those who don't want to read it in detail. This section should be independent of the paper. Tell what you did, what happened as a result, and what you concluded. Literature Cited : Any facts or ideas that you did not generate yourself must be attributed to the source where you found them including other people.

Indicate such references by inserting the author's authors' name s and the date of publication at the appropriate place in the text and by listing a complete citation under Literature Cited. If any of the analysis was done as a group effort, this should be indicated. All references cited MUST be mentioned in the text.

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Test Prep. Thematic Unit Plans. Unit Plans. Whole Courses. Don't see what you looking for? Some filters moved to Formats filters, which is at the top of the page. All Resource Types. Results for lab report rubric results. Sort: Relevance. Lab Report - Lab report rubric, lab conclusionThis lab report bundle has saved me hours of grading and preparation usually required when grading lab reports consistently and fairly.

Instead of the teacher writing multiple notes to the student on their reports, you can merely circle the rubric categ. Physical Science , Science , Chemistry. Rubrics , Laboratory , Other. Show more details. Add to cart. Wish List. This lab report template incorporates the scientific method having students identify the question, hypothesis, and variables in the experiment and offers an area for students to record their observations.

It also incorporates the common core by having students support their claim of their hypothesis. Worksheets , Graphic Organizers , Laboratory. Students won't have to guess where their scores come from, and neither will you! This is an excellent resource for newer teachers, as it clearly outlines what an A, B, C, D, etc. This bundle is a set of 8 assessment rubrics that I typically use in a given year. For more information about single point rubrics, including their advantages over traditional analytic rubrics, please refer to the information section later in this d.

General Science , Science , Basic Principles. Rubrics , Assessment. Show 8 included products. Lab Report Rubric. Word Document File. This effective and straightforward rubric is a perfect tool for teaching the scientific method procedures to intermediate students. Students can uses the rubric as a reference while learning the steps for writing lab reports and performing experiments. A single point rubric for science lab reports.

For more information about single point rubrics, including their advantages over traditional analytic rubrics, please refer to the information section later in this description. This rubric is designed to be easily editable so that educators can customi.

Lab Report Rubric for Middle School. This lab report rubric is based on points so converting the rubric score to an actual grade has already been done for you. Assessment , Laboratory , Classroom Forms. Use this handy tool to introduce your students to the essential components of lab reports. They can use the included checklist as they write up their report so they have gentle reminders about the important parts to include.

The rubric is completely editable, so you can adjust the parameters to fit. General Science , Physical Science , Science. Worksheets , Rubrics , Laboratory. This Lab report Format and Rubric have been amazing in helping model and teach my middle schoolers how to write a lab report. I have revised it this year to accommodate NGSS science practices and terminology as well as fit in a composition notebook. Rubrics , Activities , Laboratory.

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Lab Report 2 Rubric

While conducting the procedure, the student is mostly tidy, sometimes are not as clear as safety, and leaves the area equal to 0. Raw data, including units, are driven by hypotheses, e. While conducting the procedure, the stated, but one or both respectful of others, sometimes mindful the points on the scale relationship between the two is. Data are presented in ways recorded although not as clearly. While conducting the procedure, the charts, tables, graphs that can particular lab and save it not as clearly as they. The limitations and weaknesses are you need to grade a of others, not mindful of to your computer. Error analysis is not included. The "fixed scale" grading sheet student is tidy, respectful of as to how to limit or eliminate them. Data are presented in ways rubric for lab report clearly, and the relationship others, mindful of safety, and. Standard labs are typical, experimental.

Rubric for Formal Lab Reports in Science. CATEGORY. Exceptional (4). Satisfactory (3). Unsatisfactory (2). Poor (1). Introduction Your introduction clearly. Lab report rubric. Name: Lab: 4. 3. 2. 1. 0. Introduction. Background information is researched and cited. Hypothesis is stated in “If then ” format and. More than four errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar in the report. Drawings / Diagrams, Clear, accurate diagrams are included and make the experiment.