4th grade book report on abraham lincoln

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4th grade book report on abraham lincoln entry level job objectives resume

4th grade book report on abraham lincoln

Included are the use of 1, steel pennies for the shirt. Every year from. The words of President Abraham Lincoln in the Gettysburg Address are as relevant and meaningful today as they were in This magnificent book is a. Age Range - 14 Years. Backstage at the Lincoln Assassination book. Read 44 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. April 14, A famous actor pulls a trigg Abraham Lincoln, sixteenth president of the United States, led the nation through its darkest hour-the Civil War.

Abe Lincoln Crosses a Creek a tall tale rendition of a story from Abe's childhood; spirited, adorably illustrated-- perfect for this age! Abe Lincoln at Last! We teach early childhood, so books for upper elementary and middle school are a little out of our area of expertise. However, we know some of you may have come to this page looking for books for this age group. So, in compiling this list of the best Abraham Lincoln biography books, these books seemed to rise to the top of the list for older kids.

They got great reviews, and some even won Newbery Awards and other major book awards. We don't have full reviews for most of these books, but hopefully you can find more information on Amazon. Lincoln and His Boys a chapter book account, told from the point of view of Lincoln's boys by Rosemary Wells 4th grade - 7th grade. We hope this list helps you find a great Abraham Lincoln biography. These books are truly all well written, do an excellent job of humanizing the man while also communicating how amazing he was, and they're a real treat to read.

One cannot help but feel motivated to be a kinder, wiser, more compassionate person after reading these excellent Lincoln biographies! This site is updated daily! Copyright - Protected by Copyscape. Do not copy!


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I chose to put this book on my favorites shelf because it is a great way to introduce one of our greatest presidents through a fun and colorful biography. This book is a short read with a great amount of information about Abraham Lincoln. This book takes you through Lincoln's child and adult years as he grows and experiences many heart breaking moments that dealt with the mistreatment of colored individuals. His message speaks to the heart and can help children understand the importance of treat I chose to put this book on my favorites shelf because it is a great way to introduce one of our greatest presidents through a fun and colorful biography.

His message speaks to the heart and can help children understand the importance of treating people, animals and the Earth fairly. This book would be great for students that are in the Intermediate grades. I'd like to collect all of Brad Meltzer's biography books. I would like to collect his other books as well, enough for each of my students, and teach them about biographies. On a bookshelf, in the reading corner, I would like this book to be placed in a bin labeled "Biographies" that my student can read during silent reading periods.

Mar 27, Michele Knott rated it liked it Shelves: picture-books , read-alouds-for-first-graders , narrative-informational-texts , read-in , biography. Good introduction to Abraham Lincoln for very young readers. Written in narrative format, it will hold young readers attention.

However, lack of any nonfiction features makes it sound more like a story than a useful tool for obtaining information. I think I will like Meltzer's new series for very young children, but would quickly move them to something else when wanting to obtain more facts or use a more reliable informational source. I liked the photographs in the back depicting Abraham Lincoln Good introduction to Abraham Lincoln for very young readers. I liked the photographs in the back depicting Abraham Lincoln's life, but there were no additional sources mentioned or notes on how the author obtained his information.

Feb 18, Abigail Juhls rated it really liked it Shelves: elm I would use this book for grades during a social studies unit. I chose to review this book because Abraham Lincoln is my favorite presidents to study!

So for me, this book is such a WOW for elementary aged students! I love how it briefly talked about Abraham Lincoln's childhood and what led him to want to be president one day. For me, the real "turning point" of the story was when Lincoln saw the slaves that were on the boat. This biography made it very clear that this is what pushed him to become an agent of change! I would use this book for a history unit in my classroom. Specifically, I would use this while studying The Civil War.

Lincoln is a huge aspect of The Civil War, and I would read this book as a read aloud to my students. For an activity, I would potentially have students make inferences about what they think Lincoln would change about America. I would ask students to infer this after reading the page about seeing the slaves on the boat. Since Abraham Lincoln is a very known president, I want to know what the students already know or think they know about the past president, and find out what they want to know about him.

After reading, we would fill in the "Learned" column together as a class to review the book. This book is a WOW book to me because it talks in such a "kid-friendly" language about my favorite unit in history! I believe this book is such a good read for students who either love or don't love history. There is also such a great message that this book pushes: "We can all be heroes" WOW! Feb 26, Danielle D'Onofrio rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-for-elm I am Abraham Lincoln in an amazing biography that emphasizes the important actions Lincoln took before and during his presidency.

This book should definitely be used for 3rd grade, as the text is too simplistic for 4th and 5th grade levels. This could also be a great comparison lesson for what Lincoln did as President compared to another President, and create a chart for them to learn about significant historical accomplishments for both.

Overall, this is a WOW book due to the historical context as well as the lesson that it is important to help those in need and to stick up for what you believe to be right. This book connects historical figures to students by creating themes and lessons that the students can learn from, and feel this is very beneficial to use in the classroom!

Oct 21, Myra rated it really liked it. Another strong installment from the series. And this one actually touches on some of the "not so good" stuff about Lincoln. Apr 18, David Hannah rated it it was amazing Shelves: week Text-to-Text Connection Abraham Lincoln has been a source of a wealth of literature, both for children and adults.

This book by Brad Meltzer follows Lincoln throughout his life and is written in first person as if Lincoln is telling the story himself. The book does a good job of keeping the story simple with fun illustrations that will keep the interest of young students.

The line about "I'm going to be on a penny" only to have the other person say "what's a penny" is funny and kids will probably Text-to-Text Connection Abraham Lincoln has been a source of a wealth of literature, both for children and adults. The line about "I'm going to be on a penny" only to have the other person say "what's a penny" is funny and kids will probably enjoy the humor in both the text and pictures. Turner's book also follows the life of Lincoln from a first person perspective and keeps the story simple for young readers.

Both books tell me of the same stories with only slight variations from each other. The Turner book's illustrations are more artistic, but will probably not keep younger students attention as much as the more playful Meltzer pictures. Both books are excellent introductions to Abraham Lincoln for young students and would make nice complementary books in a classroom library.

Oct 31, Amberly rated it it was amazing Shelves: picture-books , childrens-books. My little one chose this from his bookshelf to read to me for his after school reading time today. It has both text and speech bubbles that are well used so even a child knows which order to read things in.

There is a cute joke that reappears a few times about Lincoln being on the penny. An excellent book! Dec 03, Nathan Albright rated it it was ok Shelves: challenge It is perhaps unfair to judge a book clearly aimed at children by the standards of someone who has read dozens of books about Abraham Lincoln [1]. Yet we come into a book with our experience and background, and that is true for me even when I am reading books for kids.

What obligation do we have to tell children the truth, if not all of the gory details than at least enough for children to investigate for themselves? Is it important to see Lincoln's struggle with melancholy, what the current It is perhaps unfair to judge a book clearly aimed at children by the standards of someone who has read dozens of books about Abraham Lincoln [1]. Is it important to see Lincoln's struggle with melancholy, what the current age would view as depression, in light of his own sorrows as well as the crushing burden of the Civil War?

Is it important to note that the Civil war was not ended in a passive or negotiated sense but by the brutal exercise of coercion against a wicked and evil rebellion? Is it important to think about Lincoln's death and the relationship between his martyrdom and its resonance with Judeo-Christian scripture? I think the answer is yes to these questions, and yet while the author is long on jokes about the penny, these are not issues the author addresses at all, and this book is far the worse for it.

For the most part, this book tells a very straightforward narrative of the subject's life, beginning with his life in the frontier and its absence of formal schooling and the way that he was considered lazy for preferring reading to work, something a lot of children and some adults will be able to identify with.

The author talks about Lincoln's trip where he saw enslaved blacks being shipped down the river, and his struggle against the bullies of New Salem as a new arrival, but while the author talks about lost elections, there are huge gaps in the story of Lincoln's life that are not discussed.

His friendship and partnership with Hearndon, his time as a member of the House of Representatives, his work as a political hack for the Whigs, his legal career, his awkward courtships and family life, none of this is covered at all.

Three times Lincoln jokes about being on the penny, but the author cannot bother to cover his long career of political speeches, the fact that he is the only president with a patent, his time in the Black Hawk War, his service on the eighth circuit taking dramatic and important legal cases, or anything else of that nature. And it is these gaps that make this book somewhat troublesome.

A man who struggled thoughtfully with racism and its existence in the United States and its repercussions and consequences is viewed as a plaster saint of contemporary racial views. A man who struggled with faith does not have the biblical heritage of his life and death examined at all here.

A man who struggled with intimacy and relationships and serious mental health issues is viewed as a cheery person without a care at all, even in the face of the Civil War. It is not only that the author chooses to leave out aspects of a complicated but obviously heroic life, but that the author misrepresents Abraham Lincoln in a way that fails to inspire people as well as it could.

If children knew the struggle with poverty as a child, the use of education as a way out of that poverty to a comfortable lifestyle as an adult, and his own wrestling with questions of faith and justice and mental health, many more people could be inspired by Lincoln's life rather than simply seeing him as the face on the penny.

I cannot rave enough about this series of books. My then 6 year old son was given I am Albert Einstein last year, and he was instantly enchanted with the man, seeking out more and more information about him and recognizing some of the struggles Einstein faced as being similar to his own experiences with bullies and schools.

After such a positive educational and emotional experience with that one, we picked up I am Rosa Parks a few weeks ago. And amazingly, the same thing happened! Meltzer mus I cannot rave enough about this series of books. I seriously cannot say enough wonderful things about this series. We just got I am Abraham Lincoln yesterday and already my kid is dying to learn more about the 16th president!

This series is remarkable and should be on every grade school's curriculum!!! Apr 11, Laura added it Shelves: picture , children-s , , nonfiction , biography. But I can't get over that these are cataloged as nonfiction texts and include inauthentic and clearly made up speech bubbles and asides from historical figures. There are no attributions or sources and I believe that it will be nearly impossible for students to discern which quotes are actually authentic.

I really truly love the message of these books. But since they are cataloged and to 'Ordinary People Change the World' is a lovely tagline and these charming, quirky books are quite attractive. But since they are cataloged and to be shared with children as nonfiction materials, I just can't get over the lack of authority and accuracy. I'm feeling very stick-in-the-mud right now. A lovely purchase for a child's personal collection of books but one that I will be skipping for my own elementary school media center.

Mar 30, Maria Rowe rated it really liked it Shelves: childrens-books , read , abraham-lincoln , autobiography-biography. The illustrations themselves were great. I felt like it was really fighting between being a picture book and a graphic novel.

The typography was all over the place - it flipped back and forth between black and white text which made it hard to read, plus the different type style in the word bubbles just overwhelmed the page. Nov 03, Fergie rated it it was amazing. Another fantastic read from Brad Meltzer. Having read many adult biographies on Abraham Lincoln, this children's geared take on the much revered 16th President provides a fresh and unique perspective.

Choosing a few incidents from Lincoln's youth, Meltzer does what he does best in this series I've yet to read a book in the 'I am' children series that fails to meet up the standard of excellence I've come to expect and lov Another fantastic read from Brad Meltzer. I've yet to read a book in the 'I am' children series that fails to meet up the standard of excellence I've come to expect and love from Brad Meltzer. Dec 31, Eric Black rated it liked it Shelves: children , biography.

In doing so, Meltzer glosses over the Civil War when he could have given more attention to the Emancipation Proclamation without needing to completely ignore the Civil War. I learned some things even as a teacher! Especially when you're fighting for something you believe in. There are so many powerful messages within it that readers can apply to their own lives Jul 17, E. I saw this book at the Lincoln Memorial so ordered a copy for my son when I returned home. I read it yesterday and cried while reading it, moved by its story of compassion, kindness, and justice.

When I ordered I discovered that it is one of an entire series, and so I ordered two more and will probably order even more of them. Oct 31, Katie Solt rated it really liked it. I like Abraham Lincoln is one of my favorite presidents so I learned a little bit of something new. Mar 21, Abby Everson rated it it was amazing Shelves: children-s-literature. The first half of the book shows Abe's childhood. Indiana didn't have schools when he was young, so he taught himself through books.

He wrote with chalk on trees and would walk five miles to get books. His parents were farmers. He was unique, always loving animals and didn't eat to mistreat them. He also was all about justice. Once, he saw a boat full of slaves on the river, and that stuck with throughout his life. Before coming president, he lost 4 elections.

But then, he went on to help the Un The first half of the book shows Abe's childhood. But then, he went on to help the United States stay together and make slaves free. He is now on a penny and he make great things happen, all because he was noble and would stand for what he believed in. There was much humor to this book. Even when showing his childhood, Abe had a top hat and a beard.

The illustrator kept his size the same throughout which was kind of funny because it was a short Abe Lincoln as a man. Another thing I enjoyed was that young Abe would say comments like "Did you know I'm on the penny? This book does well with illustrating social and racial injustice that our country went through and how they overcame it. It would go with black history very well or we could use it to discuss milestones that presidents have helped us through.

I also think this book would help greatly with the personal pronoun "I" and how to use it different ways. They could write an "I am" about someone else and try and experiment with different sentence types instead of just say "I did this" "I did that. Mar 30, Keziah Green rated it really liked it Shelves: nonfiction. This is a good book to use when first introducing children to some of our great historical heroes.

The last couple of pages include several real photos of Abraham Lincoln so that children can connect the animated character to the actual president himself. Illustrations: You notice Eliopoulos cartoonist background throughout the book. His characters are colorful and have a Calvin and Hobbes, simple with thin and medium lines and Peanuts style, big heads with small bodies. For the entire book, Illustrator Eliopoulos chooses to draw Abraham Lincoln as a child, yet he still has a beard and wears his stovepipe hat.

I believe that was a great creative choice as it demonstrates that every child has a dream and every child must break through barriers in order to maintain that dream. In other words, children are always searching for heroes within. Target Audience: Dec 03, Alice rated it really liked it Shelves: life-stories. The first person point of view of Abraham Lincoln beginning as a young boy, takes the reader through a first person point of view of what Abraham Lincoln's early years were like.

Beginning with his first essay based on saving a turtle's life, to the detrimental affects the wars had on his emotional state, this book opens young reader's eyes up to one of our greatest presidents. The story of Abe Lincoln is both heartwrenching and heartwarming at times throughout this text.

This book was so incredi The first person point of view of Abraham Lincoln beginning as a young boy, takes the reader through a first person point of view of what Abraham Lincoln's early years were like. This book was so incredible interesting for me to read, because for reading it, I was emnbarrassed when I realised how little I knew about him.

The way in which it is written is sure to get the attention of young learners. The illustratiosn that accompany the amazing true story is another key factor that makes this book such a wonderful read. This connection is important because I think that it would be important to bridge together multiple stories of historical figures that is written in the style that Brad Meltzer writes his texts. In life, strength can take many forms.

But nothing is quite as strong as standing up for someone who needs it. Sep 03, Delaney Arthurs added it Shelves: childrens-lit. The book describes the life of Abraham Lincoln, from a little boy to after he passed away. Abraham Lincoln emphasized the importance of using your voice--nobody can take that away. Even as a little boy, Abraham Lincoln stood up against those who were doing wrong.

Abraham Lincoln then used his position of power to remind everyone that all men were created equal and ended the civil war. I enjoyed this book! It shows how Abraham Lincoln went against the social norm to stand up for what is right. Even if you're the only one, that does not devalue your cause. When Lincoln first took office in , the United States was not truly united. Now Northerners and Southerners were close to war. When he became president, Lincoln allowed the enslavement of people to continue in southern states but he outlawed its spread to other existing states and states that might later join the Union.

Eventually, 11 southern states formed the Confederate States of America to oppose the 23 northern states that remained in the Union. During the early years, the South was winning the war. Through speeches such as the Gettysburg Address, Lincoln encouraged Northerners to keep fighting.

In this famous dedication of the battlefield cemetery, he urged citizens to ensure "that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. When the war was nearly over, Lincoln was re-elected in Lee surrendered to Union General Ulysses S. Some , soldiers had died during the four-year conflict. Together with Congress, he established the Department of Agriculture; supported the development of a transcontinental railroad; enacted the Homestead Act, which opened up land to settlers; and crafted the 13th Amendment, which ended the enslavement of people.

Less than a week after people celebrated the end the Civil War, the country was mourning yet again. Lincoln became the first president to be assassinated when he was shot on April 14, The entrance to their box seats was poorly guarded, allowing actor John Wilkes Booth to enter. Booth hoped to revive the Confederate cause by killing Lincoln.

He shot Lincoln in the back of the head, then fled the theater. He was shot during his eventual capture and died from his wounds. The wounded and unconscious president was carried to a boardinghouse across the street, where he died the next morning, April 15, Presidents by Brianna Dumont, revised for digital by Avery Hurt.

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While he was president the Civil War was going on states would have slaves. PARAGRAPHThe Union and the Confederate were arguing over about which. If you don't I will Book of American Presidents. He was the 16 president. Do you know any important. New York, Scholastic, The World of our greatest presidents. Civil War, America's deadliest war, broke out soon after his inauguration in March Through his tireless efforts, the Union was. His death was at the.

Abraham Lincoln Biography Books for Gr. 4+ · Good Brother, Bad Brother Story of Edwin Booth and John Wilkes by James Cross Giblin 6th grade - 9th grade · The. Abraham Lincoln was America's 16th president. He is considered to be one of the greatest leaders in the nation's history. He helped guide the United States. Abraham Lincoln (February 12, –April 15, ) was the 16th president of the United States. He led the country through the Civil War and.