book report ideas high school students

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Book report ideas high school students postal service carrier resume

Book report ideas high school students

How do the characters affect each other? Require students to back up their analysis with text based evidence, just like they would in a more traditional essay. On the day airplanes are due, instruct students to fly their planes to a classmate you might want to model a proper flight vs. Students read their classmate's analysis, then share one fact they learned about the characters with the rest of the class. Allow students to make several "flights" so students can hear a wide range of perspectives.

If you want to save time on making a paper airplane book report assignment, you can grab my Best Ever Reading Response project set here , which includes four other projects plus Paper Airplane Book Report instructions, a rubric, and an airplane template that makes implementing this project easy!

Book talks are the perfect interactive alternative to a traditional book report. Book talks give students an authentic audience, motivation to succeed, and require higher level thinking that can help push students to be more analytical in response to their reading. Book talks can be implemented in several ways:. Students can prepare their book talks ahead of time, then sign up for times to present their book talks to the class.

Require students to bring their book on the day they give their talk. The great side effect of book talks is that kids in the audience get interested in new books! Students can complete book talks speed dating style. Ask students to complete this form:. Line up chairs in the classroom so students are facing each other with half of the class on one side and half on the other.

Set a timer for five minutes and instruct students to give their book talks to and listen to the book talk of the person sitting across from them. When the timer is finished, instruct students on one side to shift one seat to the right. The student on one end will move to the beginning of the row so each student has a new partner.

Reset the five minute timer and repeat the book talks. When the timer is up, the same row shifts to the right again. Repeat as many times as you see fit. Do FlipGrid Book talks. Students can use FlipGrid to record their book talk using laptop cameras, their phones, or iPads.

This is a great way to save class time you can show selected book talks or the book talks of students who volunteer--watch the rest for grading outside of class. It's also a great alternative for students who are not comfortable getting in front of the class for their book talks. Want instant engagement? Offer book trailers as a culminating book project. Students can use phones or iPads to create a professional looking book trailer.

To create a book trailer, students must first choose a design template from iMovie:. Next, students will complete a storyboard for their book trailer. To create storyboards, students will need images and videos that connect to their novels.

For the best storyboards, instruct students to follow these simple steps:. Choose a focus for your book trailer. Entice your audience to read your novel by hinting at major themes that readers will take away. Highlight characters and conflicts that viewers will be able to connect with. Next, examine the titles of the story board. Brainstorm titles that will help to tell the story of your novel with a focus on themes, relatable characters, and conflict.

Last, brainstorm a list of images and videos you will need to capture. The images and videos will show for a certain number of seconds indicated by iMovie. Be sure to limit your videos to indicated seconds. Put it all together. Write your title and subtitles. Insert pictures and images, and choose audio. Preview your book trailer and revise as needed, adding or changing pictures and video and editing grammar. After students finish their book trailers, have a viewing party complete with books and popcorn.

This uniquely shaped main character vacation suitcase book report project contains assembling directions, first draft worksheets, final draft templates, grading rubric, and a matching banner. Cereal box t. Great for book reports or new creative writing projects. Are you looking for creative book report ideas for your middle school or elementary classroom? Take a look at this post containing a great idea for a reading project for language arts! Better than a Book Report Lapbook. Works with any novel.

Kids love lapbooks because they have a hand in creating them. Learning is just a bonus! I was at a charter school recently and saw this really cool display of projects. Rope was strung through each box with knots and washers to s…. Before I get to book talks, let me say how much I appreciate all your comments regarding teacher observations.. It was really eye-opening to see the wide variety of practices in place.

I also wasn't aware that tenure had been completely abolished in some states. It makes for interesting thought to see that we all have the same job with the same important goal of educating our youth, however what we do is open to such a variety of rigor in its evaluation.


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Video Commercial: Students can use any video platform to create a video commercial for their book to persuade someone to read it. They will need to carefully plan their commercial could use one of THESE planning sheets from Classzone before filming. Read all about it HERE. Students LOVE this one!

This requires a bit of thinking on their end and they will need to be very familiar with the book in order to come up with different types of questions and their answers. As they flip through the book they created, they can retell the story to any audience. Puppet Green Screen Video Retelling : Students could retell their story using green screen technology. I learned about this idea from Anita over at Goodwinnovate who does some of the coolest things with green screen technology.

View this post on Instagram. Click HERE for the listing. Character Text Messages: Students can use a site like ifaketext or an app like Texting Story to create a texting conversation between two characters in the story they read. My favorite is iMovie because it is so easy for students to drag and drop pictures and video clips into the provided storyboard templates.

Diorama Green Screen Video: Another idea involving green screen technology would be to have students design and create a diorama that displays the main setting of the story if the book has multiple settings then this project may not be the best fit. Using that app, DoInk, or the computer programs, iMovie or WeVideo, students could "report" straight from the setting or reenact one of the main parts of the book.

Below is an example that Katie from Elementary Einstein's carried out with her class. They were doing reports about the regions of California but a similar idea could be done with a book report! Creative book reports are different from the usual writing and filing system and give the students more liberty to work their creativity and employ it in writing their book reports.

They are more engaging and involve a number of other things, besides the writing part. In this blog, we have mentioned and explained some creative and engaging book report writing methods. By employing these ideas, you can make your report more interesting for the class and impress your teacher. However, it is important that you ask your teacher beforehand if he would allow it. Sometimes, your teacher may need a simple written report, which is more obvious if you are in high school or college.

However, before delving into the project, you must know how to write a book report before you get into any further book rep[ort writing projects. Do you know that there are a number of other methods to present your book report? Usually, a book report is a simple written document that introduces a book, its main themes, and plot, the main book characters and encourages the readers to read the book. However, other ideas include creativity and presenting your book report in an out of the box manner.

These ideas are interesting, engaging, and help you make your book report an interesting comprehension project. Usually, these kinds of creative and fun projects are assigned to the children of middle school and grades. It is to encourage them to read and develop the habit of reading from an early age. But, this does not mean that the higher classes could not use these ideas. Read on to know more about them and how you can use them to make your book report.

Creative ideas include more than writing and this is why working on these ideas requires more time and attention. This is what makes the process so engaging and interesting for the students. Here, we have provided more than 25 ideas and ways of presenting your book report in an outstanding and creative way. Probably one of the most simple book report types, this kind of project does not need many objects and all you need is a lunchbox size paper bag.

To create the paper bag book report, follow the below steps:. This kind of book report is quite helpful for the students of small groups like the 2nd and 3rd grades who are more interested in visual content and lessons. These kinds of book reports are quite creative and cost-effective also. All you need to have is an empty cereal box and some paper to cover the box and to add other details.

To make the respective book report, follow the below steps:. This kind of book report makes a great project and assignment for the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students. They get a chance to read the book and present its in-depth analysis in a creative way. This kind of book report is unique as in it, the students dress up like one of the characters in the book and present it in the first person.

Besides, the acting part, your teacher may ask you to prepare the written character analysis report also. When dressed up, explain the significance of the character and its role in the book. Lapbooks are different from scrapbooks and make for an excellent and quick book project that is both creative and informative. The students create them to present their book reviews and reports creatively.

To make the Lapbook, follow the below steps:. This is quite a simple and creative type of book report project and you can present all the necessary details easily with it. A diorama is a 3-D version and representation of a scene or character from the book. To make a diorama, follow the below steps:.

A diorama is an excellent way of defining and explaining a scene from the book and if you are good with papercrafts, it would be an easy project. Looking for something different from the usually written book report?

Try a poster style book report. Poster style book reports are both creative and allow you to add as many features from the book as you could. To make the poster, follow the below steps:. This idea is more suitable if you are having a class presentation for the book report.

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of your chosen book. You can add pictures and other visual objects to your slides. Moreover, to make a memorable PowerPoint book report, follow the below steps:. This is quite an interesting book report idea where you get a chance to combine visual objects with explanations. These are the miniature versions of the complete and lengthy books and all you will need is a paper or a premade template that you can download online.

Since they are easy to make, students read and make the report easily. A jacket book report is somewhat like a lapbook with the only distinction that the jacket is used from all sides. You can either download a premade template or make the one yourself. Follow the below steps:. In this project, the student writes a letter to the author and tells him about what they have experienced when reading the book.

Some key points to mention in the letter are given below:. Writing a letter type book report will help you become a better analyst and write a better and more detailed analysis of the book. These kinds of book reports are all visuals and appeal greatly to younger students. After you read the book, create a picture version of it. Either you could add the pictures only or you can mix it with some written descriptions like the summary of the book on the cover page.

Other things and elements that you could add to your book report are given below:. However, add the list alongside the pictures depicting these themes and characters. After the presentation, you can give these book reports to young students. These reports will help them understand the book in a better manner. As the name says it all, in this kind of book report, you will prepare a timeline of the main events as and when occurred in the book.

It is an easy way to learn about the main events that occurred in the book. This kind of book report is based on gathering and presenting the relevant facts about the book. You can either prepare ten or more facts that are significant about the book and that you have learned when reading it.

Some of the things that you add in this factsheet are:. Making a factsheet book report helps you in reading the book properly and learn about its important events and themes. This is a very interesting type of book report but you will need to be quite careful when working with it. Since you will be making a list of glossary and important words and phrases, you will need to read the book carefully to search for such words and the way they influence the entire story and progression of the book.

To make such a book report, follow the below steps:. These kinds of book reports encourage you to read the book and help others understand the main aspects of the book. Sometimes instead of the entire book, the teacher gives the choice of choosing any one character from the book and prepare your book report on it.

When preparing the report, add the following points to it:. This could be a great way of using an old white t-shirt. You can use color pens, glitter pens, crayons, and acrylic colors to make the scenes and write down different things on it.