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Write a report on fire resume that work writing

Write a report on fire

The police came and started the inquiry. Labels: newspaper report , newspaper report for students , Write a newspaper report on fire accident. Unknown February 21, at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Visit again! Total Pageviews. Watermark theme. Powered by Blogger. Remember, the person reading the report may know nothing about fire investigation. If you do use terminology that is known only to experts, then be sure to explain the terms, for example:.

However, the expert opinion of a qualified investigator based on the evidence found should be included in the report. Reports are statements of fact and observations discovered by the investigator, written in an objective, factual manner. The dispatch time was hours, arrival at the scene was hours. Investigators observed a wood-frame construction, single-story, one-family residence. The investigation revealed that the fire had originated in the bathroom adjacent to the bathtub.

The indicators observed and the evidence taken and analyzed revealed the fire was started by the distribution of a flammable accelerant gasoline and ignited by an open flame lighter. A suspect was identified by two witnesses W-1 and W The suspect was seen breaking into the house, distributing a liquid, and setting the fire with a lighter.

Both witnesses W-1 and W-2 identified the suspect S-1 by name and identified him in a photo lineup. The suspect S-1 had been evicted on April 17, Taken into evidence was a gasoline can, lighter, and crow bar. Fingerprints were taken from all three exhibits and identified the suspect S-1 as the person handling each item.

Furthermore, a gas station manager W-3 identified the suspect S-1 filling a container similar to the one taken into evidence. Laboratory analysis revealed that the flammable liquid was gasoline and had the same octane rating as described by the gas station manager W W-1 John A. Smith, E. DOB , Occupation - Lawyer. W-2 John A. Doe, E. DOB , Occupation - Doctor. W-3 James A. Smith, W. Witnesses 1 and 2 both identified suspect entering house, distributing liquid, and setting the fire.

Witness 3 can identify the suspect purchasing and filling container with regular gasoline, octane rating of No statement made, suspect taken into custody and Miranda warning given immediately on April 19, at hours. MA Penal Code Deliberately setting fire to a dwelling of another. MA Penal Code Unlawful entry - burglary. Reprinted with permission from Management for Arson Prevention and Control. Description Date if different than dispatch date. Time in 24 hour clock time time that fire investigation unit arrives on scene.

Address corrected when applicable. Fire out or still in progress. Describe physical characteristics of what burned structure, vehicle identification. Give dimensions when possible and detailed descriptions. Describe main streets and access to building or property.

Identify who requested the response Incident Command, Police Department, citizen, etc. Identify who was dispatched investigator name and serial number. Establish fire cause. Describe problem s that may have contributed to the fire.

Establish condition of utilities. Eliminate multiple accidental causes, focusing on a single cause when possible. Criminal Establish incendiary cause through physical evidence at scene. The decision of incendiary cause should be based solely on investigator observations and physical evidence. Substantiate multiple fires as being separate and distinct from one another. Establish a negative corpus delicti through methodical elimination of all accidental, natural, and mechanical causes.

Additional Factors to Consider Establish security of premises and type of alarm contact, motion, supervised, etc. Alarm company information phone, address. Status of alarm system at time of fire. Ascertain if safety devices were present smoke detectors, security bars, sprinklers, etc.

List the existence of evidence observed that would tend to substantiate patterns of unique charring. If multiple fires, describe each fire in detail. Determine point of entry and if forcible entry was used.

Describe conditions construction type, weather, etc. Determine if any additional crimes were involved. Statements Obtain witness identification such as driver's license, employee ID card, check-cashing card, etc. Determine where witness es can be located for future interview. Identify where the interview took place.

Identify when the interview took place hour clock. Identify witnesses by last name throughout report. Identify witnesses as to their involvement with fire. Use appropriate codes owner, victim, occupant, witness. Take down witnesses' statements exactly as they were given to you. Make sure questioning is complete and thorough. Admonish suspects when pertinent, using an approved form Don't do it by memory! Use an interpreter when necessary. Write all information completely and thoroughly.

Prepare statements carefully and save your notes. Have suspects sign key statements when possible. Documentation Diagrams Fire scene diagrams should be required in the event of a fatality or a serious burn that could result in death. A diagram may be necessary at a complex or complicated fire scene. A diagram may be necessary at a "high visibility" fire scene celebrities, press release, ec. A diagram may be included at the discretion of the investigator or when a supervisor suggests that it would benefit the investigation.

Photographs List number of photographs and attach the photographer's log sheet. Evidence List all items of evidence separately on the evidence report. Give location where items were recovered and attach the evidence log. Give physical description of items of evidence.



The probable value of the total loss is likely to run several lakhs rupees. The local neighbor people came to rescue the victims. The seriously wounded persons were sent to nearby hospital and the minor wounded persons were released after first-aid.

Four fire-engines worked the whole night and brought the fire under control in the morning. The police came and started the inquiry. Labels: newspaper report , newspaper report for students , Write a newspaper report on fire accident. Unknown February 21, at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

They are being asked why the automated fire extinguisher didn't work! In the primary investigation, forensic experts are assuming that the Fire broke out from some short circuit happened inside the central air conditioning system. June 19; Highland Park, Kolkata: The famous Abhishikta building complex was caught by fire yesterday night.

According to one of the security guards on duty, it was around midnight when some noise of screaming came out from a backward part of the complex. Security guards rushed towards that point and discovered a massive fire broke out in a huge part of a building. The police as well as the fire brigade were informed. The fire brigade reached the spot within 20 minutes along with 4 engines.

According to a fire brigade official, they became able to control the fire after 3 and a half hours of attempt. Local people also went on in order to help the fire brigade in their rescue operation. One particular building in that complex is heavily damaged and many people got themselves severely injured by this fire accident. The nearest hospital was informed immediately and they came with 11 ambulances to take the injured people to the hospital. In the primary investigation, police are assuming some major fault in the power room as the reason behind this fire accident.

The forensic experts are further investigating the situation. July 7, Konnagar: A massive fire accident broke out in a chemical factory of Konnagar that burnt alive 19 workers inside. It is a small factory in Konnagar for producing laboratory chemicals. According to a tea shop owner close to it, he heard a terrible sound of an explosion from inside the factory, then witnessed blue flames of fire coming out from there.

The fire brigade was immediately informed, but the local people accused them of delaying a lot of time. Before the fire brigade came the local people tried to extinguish the fire in their own way. According to a local fellow, the fire brigade came after one and a half hours. Till then the Fire devastated the whole factory. The fire brigade became able to control the fire after some time. The burnt bodies of 19 workers were rescued after that.

Police have arrested the owner for interrogation about the safety measurement inside the factory. According to the inspector in charge, there were no permission certificates the owner was able to show for the production of chemicals inside that factory. Forensic experts are further investigating the whole incident for more evidence.

September 15, Burrabazar: Burrabazar was again caught by fire yesterday. It is the second time in this year the Bazaar area has been caught by fire. The last time in February when the fire broke out in the area, many safety measurements were taken by the Bazaar authority as well by the police. But it is proved by yesterday's fire that all the measurements went to the vein. According to one shopkeeper, it was at round in the afternoon when suddenly a massive fire broke out from nowhere.

The local police station is investigating the whole accident. According to a report, around 62 shops were devastated by the fire accident. The accident killed 9 people and injured several this time. All of them were taken to Kolkata Medical College. Some of them are suffering from fatal injuries. The police are investigating why the dedicated automatic fire extinguishing system of Burrabazar area didn't work. A high-level committee is also about to be set up to deal with this type of fire accidents in the Bazar area.

As per the report presented by the security guard of the school, he suddenly noticed fire coming out from the electric metre room that is just beside the stairs. Though he tried to extinguish the Fire himself, it spread out without giving further time. The school authority as well as the fire brigade was informed immediately.

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