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Esl problem solving writing service for masters how to write a good position paper

Esl problem solving writing service for masters

A University of North Texas College of Science professor has moved researchers across the globe closer to understanding how to make condensed tannins in forage crops such as alfalfa, not only making food more nutritious for animals, but potentially improving food supply and limiting global warming.

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Video transcript. Get to know a few of our tutors below to see their typical qualifications. Lisa Morris DeReus, M. Claudia Werner-Rutledge, Ph. She is a Certified Management Accountant and serves on the board of her local chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants. Her experience includes working in higher education, business consulting, accounting, employee training and leadership.

Jamie is a Navy veteran and has worked in the private sector of Information Technology for 4 years specializing in Business Intelligence and Corporate Training. As a Smarthinking tutor since , Jamie enjoys interacting with students and helping them with challenging tasks as they seek to better themselves through education. Lisa holds a Master of Applied Statistics degree, as well as a B. She brought with her nearly 10 years of teaching, research, and tutoring experience at Louisiana State University, and a love of helping others to learn.

Her work at LSU included pioneering web-based and mixed delivery courses in Sampling Design and Analysis, Statistical Methods, and Regression Analysis, while her research involved developing new mathematical models to estimate alligator survival parameters. A lifelong learner herself, Lisa understands the challenges that students in different life stages can face, and enjoys helping students to uncover their strengths.

Claudia Werner-Rutledge, PhD, RN, CNE is a nurse educator with enthusiasm for online education, critical thinking, as well as evidence based practice in education and nursing. Claudia joined Smarthinking in Kristin began her journey as a writing tutor in , and two years later, she was promoted to lead tutor.

Kristin, who holds an M. Joshua joined Smarthinking in after ten years teaching in public and charter schools. In addition to working alongside students and overseeing the training and development of new tutors at Smarthinking, Joshua has done freelance work in social media, content creation, and editing, including being named editor-in-chief and fatherhood expert at ChildGood magazine.

He considers family a top priority, and enjoys playing and hiking with his three children. Smarthinking 24x7 help from experienced online subject tutors and skilled writing tutors — for better grades, essays, resumes, and careers. How Smarthinking helps students. A complete online tutoring solution for promoting achievement Students face ever-greater personal demands and academic challenges.


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So we structured the class to model a startup; extremely ambiguous with multiple possible answers or at times none, realism in the pressures, chaos and uncertainty of a startup, and complex in trying to understand all parts of a business model. This allows instructors to use the class time for review of the concepts or short lectures customized for specific domains e. Emotional Investment In an experiential class students must be fully immersed in the experience, not just doing what the syllabus says is required of them.

Project-based learning engages and motivates students Having each team present weekly in front of their peers raises the commitment and heart rate of the students. No one wants to be shown up by another team. That may seem like an absurdly unreasonable goal, yet all teams manage to do so.

Most case-based or project classes do not offer time and resource constraints. Our class is purposely designed to offer maximum ambiguity while pushing students to achieve extraordinary results under relentless pressure and time constraints. We stress a relentless speed and tempo because we believe that learning is enhanced when students are given the opportunity to operate outside of their own perceived comfort zones.

Outside the classroom walls conditions will change so rapidly that their originally well thought out plans become irrelevant. Therefore, every successful founder needs a decisive mindset that can quickly separate the crucial from the irrelevant, synthesize the output, and use this intelligence to create islands of order in the all-out chaos of a startup. The class is designed to emulate that chaos and teach a bias for action.

The class moves at breakneck speed and is designed to create immediate action in time-, resource-, and cash-constrained environments. The teaching team practices Radical Candor — caring personally while challenging directly. We give the students public feedback about the quality and quantity of their work in front of their peers weekly.

Class Design — Summary The design of the class was a balance between ambiguity, complexity and uncertainty with structure and learning strategies. While this process is extremely effective, it can be painful to watch. Our natural inclination at least mine is to offer specific guidance and solutions.

In addition, two government-funded programs have adopted the class at scale. Hacking for Defense is now taught in over 55 universities in the U. In the last decade enumerable variants have emerged. The class we teach at Stanford has continued to evolve.

Better versions from others will appear. And one day another revolutionary break will take us to the next level. We just finished the 11th annual Lean LaunchPad class at Stanford — our first version focused on deep science and technology. This year was no exception as we made some major changes, all of which we are going to keep going forward.

Below are the Lessons Learned presentations from the Lean LaunchPad for deep science and technology, as well as additional learnings from the class. During the quarter the teams spoke to 1, potential customers, beneficiaries, regulators — all via Zoom.

Most students spent hours a week on the class, about double that of a normal class. Started on Week 1 as a pathology slide digitization service. Ended in Week 10 as response prediction for cancer treatments. Started on Week 1 as flexible e-textile circuit looking for a problem. Ended in Week 10 as easy-to-integrate components for automotive suppliers. Started on Week 1 as wearable gesture control device for real and virtual worlds.

Ended in Week 10 as a future-proof gesture control solution for AR headsets and the Department of Defense. Started on Week 1 as a custom silicon chip with embedded memories and a Machine Learning accelerator targeting low-power, high-throughput, and low-latency applications.

Ended in Week 10 as a chip enabling AI vision applications on next generation battery powered surveillance cameras. Started on Week 1 as Drone pollination of crops. Ended in Week 10 as autonomous button mushroom harvesting.

Ended in Week 10 as a Platform technology as a right heart failure device. Started on Week 1 as a Menopause digital health platform that connects women to providers and other women. Ended in Week 10 as a D2C Menopause symptom tracking app and on-demand telehealth platform that offers women a personalized and integrative approach to menopause care. Started on Week 1 as an IOT hardware sensor for environmental quality and human presence.

Started on Week 1 as a platform for finding and managing at-home senior care. Ended in Week 10 as a B2C platform for scheduling on-demand at-home senior care. Started on Week 1 as Unstructured data Tableau-like tool. Ended in Week 10 as Cloud-based Pandas dataframe. Started on Week 1 as a provider for autonomous drone delivery for restaurants and grocery stores.

Ended in Week 10 as Fleet management software for autonomous drone delivery. The students find the class hard and exhausting, and say their instructors are tough and demanding. Yet in the end, the class and the work they invest in is highly rewarding to them.

Diversity In past years, the students in the class were mostly men, reflecting the makeup of the applicants. Mar Hershenson joined the teaching team in and made an all-out effort to recruit women to apply. They sponsored lunch sessions, mixers and meetings with women entrepreneurs and alumni for female students interested in the class and for male students looking to work with a more diverse team. Our Spring cohort focused on deep science and tech had 51 students — 25 were women.

This year their job was even more challenging running the class virtually and they made it run like clockwork. Originally, I had designed a level of uncertainty into the class to mimic what a real-world startup feel like. Our Decade of Mentors The mentors industry experts who volunteer their time have been supported and coordinated by Tom Bedecarre and Todd Basche. We just finished our 6th annual Hacking for Defense class at Stanford. This was my sixth time teaching a virtual class during the lockdown — and for our students likely their 15th or more.

Hacking for Defense has teams of students working to understand and solve national security problems. Although the class was run completely online, and even though they were suffering from Zoom fatigue, the 10 teams of 42 students collectively interviewed 1, beneficiaries, stakeholders, requirements writers, program managers, industry partners, etc.

This would seem to be a fatal stake through the heart of the class. How would customer interviews work via video? It increased the number of interviews the students were able to do each week. See here for an extended discussion of remote customer discovery. So we split the weekly student presentations into thirds — three teams presented to the entire class then three teams each went into two Zoom breakout rooms.

During the quarter we rotated the teams and instructors through the main room and breakout sessions. The second change was the addition of alumni guest speakers — students who had taken the class in the past. They offered insights about what they got right and wrong and what they wished they had known.

Lessons Learned Presentation Format For the final Lessons Learned presentation many of the eight teams presented a 2-minute video to provide context about their problem. This was followed by an 8-minute slide presentation describing their customer discovery journey over the 10 weeks.

By the end the class all the teams realized that the problem as given by the sponsor had morphed into something bigger, deeper and much more interesting. I want to make my community, country or world a better place, while being challenged to solve some of the toughest problems. Furthermore, there was no entrepreneurship class that combined experiential learning with the Lean methodology.

Our goal was to teach both theory and practice. The same year we started the class, it was adopted by the National Science Foundation to train Principal Investigators who wanted to get a federal grant for commercializing their science an SBIR grant. Origins Of Hacking For Defense In , brainstorming with Pete Newell of BMNT and Joe Felter at Stanford, we observed that students in our research universities had little connection to the problems their government was trying to solve or the larger issues civil society was grappling with.

Goals for the Hacking for Defense Class Our primary goal was to teach students Lean Innovation while they engaged in national public service. Few consider opportunities to make the world safer with the Department of Defense, Intelligence community or other government agencies.

At the same time the experience would introduce to the sponsors, who are innovators inside the Department of Defense DOD and Intelligence Community IC , a methodology that could help them understand and better respond to rapidly evolving threats. We wanted to show that if we could get teams to rapidly discover the real problems in the field using Lean methods, and only then articulate the requirements to solve them, defense acquisition programs could operate at speed and urgency and deliver timely and needed solutions.

Finally, we wanted to familiarize students with the military as a profession and help the better understand its expertise, and its proper role in society. We hoped it would also show our sponsors in the Department of Defense and Intelligence community that civilian students can make a meaningful contribution to problem understanding and rapid prototyping of solutions to real-world problems.

From its beginning with our Stanford class, Hacking for Defense is now offered in over 50 universities in the U. A version for NASA is coming up next. And to help businesses recover from the pandemic, the teaching team taught a series of Hacking For Recovery classes last summer. Our Hacking for Defense team continues to look for opportunities to adapt and apply the course methodology for broader impact and public good.

Their recommendations drew on insights gleaned from over ! After in-person briefings to Marine Corps and Navy commanders and staff across major commands from California to Hawaii, they received interest in establishing a future collaboration, validating our hypothesis that Hacking for Strategy would be a welcome addition to our course offerings. Its premise is that keeping America safe not only requires us maintaining a technological edge but also using these cutting edge technologies to develop new operational concepts and strategies.

Stay tuned. When they graduate, the Stanford students on these teams have the pick of jobs in startups, companies, and consulting firms. Most are applying to H4X Labs, an accelerator focused on building dual-use companies that sell to both the government and commercial firms. Many will continue to work with their problem sponsor. Several will join the new Stanford Gordian Knot Center which is focused on the intersection of policy, operational concepts, and technology. The secret sauce of the success of Hacking for Defense at Stanford is the extraordinary group of dedicated volunteers supporting our students in so many critical ways.

This diverse group of experienced experts selflessly volunteer their time to help coach the teams. Filed under: Hacking For Defense Leave a comment ». His boss had identified the U. Suresh understood that the U. Discovery is going to slow us down.

We need to move quickly! Suresh was concerned. I pointed out that once he had potential customer, regulator, and reimbursement data from his Discovery interviews, he could bring that data into conversations with his CEO.

Filed under: Customer Development 4 Comments ». There are no facts inside your building, so get the heck outside. I just had a call with Lorenz, a former business school student who started a job at a biotech startup making bacteria to take CO2 out of the air. His job was to find new commercial markets for this bacteria at scale.

And he wanted to chat about how to best enter a new market. So it seemed logical to him that the concrete industry was going to be one the first places to approach since it was obvious that they need to reduce carbon emissions. He believed that if used as an additive to concrete, his bacteria could strengthen it while reducing CO2.

Do you think there are a significant number whose number one issue is to buy bacteria? Do you know what if any of the features you mentioned actually matter to a potential customer? I suggested that perhaps he should get out of the building and actually talk to some large-scale concrete suppliers and rather than starting with what he wanted to sell them, try to understand what their needs were.

For example, how were current and upcoming green building regulations on CO2 emissions affecting the concrete industry? How are they solving that problem today? What was the current cost of low carbon concrete? How much would they have to charge to be competitive? What additional benefits could bacteria as an concrete additive make ie. Filed under: Customer Development 2 Comments ».

Register Here. In over 1, educators joined us online to learn and share how to teach during the pandemic. What roles do diversity, equity and inclusion play in future syllabi? Join me, our guest speaker Dr. Why The Pandemic has changed everything. After a year plus in the virtual teaching environment how much will stick and what will return to pre-pandemic norms?

The business landscape crippled some industries while others have exploded. Which ones will rebound? The funding environment for our students continues to be on fire. Will that continue? How will the push for diversity, equity and inclusion affect educators? What The event will begin with a fireside chat with Dr.

How This session is free to all but limited to Innovation educators. We look forward to gathering as a community of educators to shape the future of Lean Innovation Education. Register here. Filed under: Educators Summit 1 Comment ». As Director of the U. To help a large Defense organization wrestle with how to increase the velocity of innovation in their ranks Steve Blank and I spent the better part of last week with our heads together reviewing everything we learned in the five years since we merged the concepts of problem curation and Lean while launching the innovation pipeline.

The original Innovation Pipeline sketch — I spent yesterday sifting through the most recent lessons learned and results from a series of accelerators BMNT is running for the intelligence community. Some examples:. They are. The U. Department of Defense is coming to grips with the idea that the technologies it needs to keep the country safe and secure are no longer exclusively owned by the military or its prime contractors.

AI, machine learning, autonomy, cyber, quantum, access to space, semiconductors, biotech are all being driven by commercial companies. Navy Surface Warfare Officer. Jeff Decker is a co-instructor of the Hacking for Defense class and the Stanford program director. Jeff is an Army Second Ranger Battalion veteran. And how the Department of Defense is learning to work with startups. This article previously appeared in Fast Company.

Defense Department. The military is clamoring for cutting-edge technologies in areas like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and autonomy. Dozens of outreach programs across the military now offer quick revenue to early-stage companies.

This emerging opportunity reflects the urgency of keeping pace with rivals like China and Russia, who are furiously integrating commercial technologies like AI, quantum computing, and unmanned systems into their armed forces. Without adopting cutting-edge commercial technologies, the U. Yet, for every newly minted success like Palantir or Anduril , thousands of companies struggle to find follow-on opportunities after receiving early innovation contracts.

Anduril founder Palmer Luckey has sardonically noted that the only defense companies to reach unicorn status in the past 30 years have all been founded by billionaires able to endure long gaps in funding. To truly compete with technologically advanced rivals, the Defense Department will ultimately need to enable a broad pool of innovative founders to succeed.

Until this ecosystem materializes, however, building a successful defense business is likely to take years of grueling effort. Before committing to work with the military, startups must look past the allure of early money and carefully assess whether the defense market is right for them. Most companies face uncertainty when trying to bridge prototyping awards with more permanent follow-on contracts.

Instead, their solutions must still compete for funding in a formal budgeting and acquisition process before being eligible for widespread adoption. This ordeal takes two years or more , during which startups should anticipate little or no revenue as they try to push their product through the bureaucracy. Before committing to work with the military, startups should carefully consider whether the defense market is right for them by asking three questions. Is there strong interest for the product?

Those that offer solutions to high-priority problems have the best chance of sourcing funding and follow-on awards. Startups should assess how well their technologies align with the needs outlined in the defense budget, various modernization strategies , and problems posed by defense innovation hubs. The 3D mapping company Hivemapper found traction with the Army by targeting its need to autonomously resupply field artillery units.

Is the company prepared to endure revenue gaps? As noted, companies may go years without defense revenue while trying to bridge early contracts with larger opportunities. During this period, startups will need to sustain business development activities and may incur additional regulatory and compliance costs to ensure their product is usable by the military. Investors are also likely to express impatience with the long timelines of defense sales.

The best prepared companies can either raise sufficient funds to keep operating or count on revenue from other sources. Recently public enterprise-AI firm C3. Can I balance the needs of my defense and commercial customers? The best-positioned startups solve fundamentally similar problems for both military and commercial users.

Some amount of customization is inevitable given that military users often have specific mission requirements or technical constraints. However, companies that can serve military customers without fundamentally altering their existing product roadmap are likely to be most successful. This tension tends to be lower at startups where an early team willingly signs on to pursue defense business. Regardless, companies should be mindful of the reputational impacts working with the DoD could have on their existing business.

The Case for Optimism Companies eyeing the defense market have reason to be optimistic. There are a growing number of efforts to remove obstacles to partnerships between high-tech startups and the military. If confirmed, Brown could accelerate much needed reforms to military acquisition processes.

A startup that makes it through the hurdles may find a massive market with a stable set of customers eager for better technology solutions. Once onboarded, military users can quickly become long-term customers given the challenges involved with switching to another product. Filed under: National Security 1 Comment ».

I first met Shawn Carolan and his wife Jennifer at the turn of the century at 11, feet. I was hiking with my kids between the Yosemite High Sierra camps. Having just retired from a career as an entrepreneur I had started thinking about why startups were different from large companies. The ideas were bouncing around my head so hard that I shared them with these strangers around a campfire, drawing out the four steps with a stick in the dirt. Shawn immediately said the name I had given the four steps was confusing — I had called it market development — he suggested that I call it Customer Development — and the name stuck.

Many of them get hung up on understanding how to select the right minimal viable product. Step 5 and 6 leads you to selecting the right MVPs. Your mission is your baby. However, solely focusing on your mission is the same as being unfocused. Paradoxically, resource limitations are the secret to success; they teach lessons that experienced entrepreneurs have harnessed.

Constraints force you to pause—or even permanently shelve—certain aspects of your mission in favor of proving that you can deliver one specific thing that really matters to customers. During the crucial mission-to-MVP planning phase, the objective of a startup is to solve one job for one customer group such that customers consistently use your minimally viable product for an important part of their work or personal lives.

In other words, you prove retention. It bears repeating: an early-stage startup must focus on making one customer group excited by a mission-aligned product. An MVP tree is a way of methodically breaking your mission into smaller components and formulating MVP candidates that may get your company sustainable and scalable. A few examples:. Your mission statement needs to stand for something specific and impactful.

It may change as you build and learn from your customers, but aim for it to conjure up an image of a better future with your product at the center. A motivating mission statement inspires action. It may be tempting to jump right into coding, but slow down—remember, the goal of this exercise is to determine how little you can do to acquire and retain customers. With both growth and retention, you earn the right to build more.

A customer archetype is a category of similar people with similar needs e. While it may be tempting to want to build a product for everyone, everywhere 7 billion TAM, right?! Each new segment you attempt to serve can increase scope , adding to your workload and demanding more of your limited resources. The intent of this branch of the tree is to identify one group of potential customers who would be highly motivated to fix their pain as part of your MVP.

Founders should understand what the customer hopes to accomplish , or what their job to be done is. Your goal is to build the best tool for meaningful, reoccurring jobs that people face. Map out the jobs that you believe exist for the customer archetypes identified in step 2.

The more common jobs may apply to several of the archetypes, while the more esoteric jobs may apply to just one. There will be plenty of overlap, which is why jobs have their own branch of the MVP tree rather than attaching directly to the archetype branches. Execution branches will vary based on the company, but think of them as the components of what gets built and where it gets sold. These branches of the MVP tree comprise the components of market expansion that urge founders to explore the tactical side of getting a solid product in front of the right people.

This first product launch can either be a costly mistake or an ingenious first step that shows traction with early customers and gives your team and investors confidence. Map these out now as part of the tree and reduce the odds of a headache down the road. Delivery platforms Delivery platforms are the vehicles through which customers come to interact with your product. While supporting each additional platform expands your addressable market or breadth of customer touchpoints, it can dramatically increase scope.

Developing for multiple platforms at once spreads already-thin resources, which ultimately harms the creation of the best product possible for a specific customer segment. The fewer platforms you choose to support, the smaller the scope. Pick one delivery platform to save resources and prove your value. Investors will recognize that a successful app on iOS will also work on Android with more capital. Focus your precious time on making one platform sing. Clubhouse, a recent startup darling, has quietly grown to over 2M users exclusively on Apple.

For hardware companies, delivery platforms are essentially the potential SKUs you might consider shipping. Steve Jobs once said that if you are really serious about software, you should build your own hardware. You can think of these hardware form factors as software delivery vehicles. Most people only know Roku for their TV devices, but Roku initially shipped an audio device for Internet radio stations and a PhotoBridge product to get digital photo libraries to the TV.

Even when moving to video, consumers had the choice between a stand-alone box or a smaller plug-in stick. For software products, the channels are typically through the mobile app stores or directly over the Internet. Some sales channels may behave similarly; more often than not, they each pose unique challenges.

UNT is more than a university.

What is a narrative essay answers com Super useful and a different kind of learning than most case-based classes. The best prepared companies can either raise sufficient funds to keep operating or count on revenue from other sources. Search our majors, degrees and programs The percentage of students who rated the skills development they experienced through their studies positively. Your mission statement needs to stand for something specific and impactful.
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Essay writing parallel points They sponsored lunch sessions, mixers and meetings with women entrepreneurs and alumni for female students interested in the class and for male students looking to work with a more diverse team. Bring your best ideas! Demonstrate your knowledge and skill level in a particular field of study, and stand out from other applicants. The Rise of Business Schools — Management as an Occupation The business school was invented in the first decade of the 20th century in response to a massive economic transformation in the U. This year was no exception as we made some major changes, all of which we are going to keep going forward. Few institutions can provide high-quality academic help to everyone at all times. Smarthinking offers tutoring services in more than subject areas, resume du dernier episode de naruto shippuden all levels from developmental through graduate and professional school.
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Write me shakespeare studies papers Without adopting cutting-edge commercial technologies, the U. The more common jobs may apply to several of the archetypes, while the more esoteric jobs may apply to just one. International Students. Broadening your horizons. ESL response. For software products, the channels are typically through the mobile app stores or directly over the Internet. Get support.

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