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No thesis masters

Thesis Masters involves a large research project that spans over several semesters. It culminates in a thesis that is likely to be published. The thesis option is ideal for students who plan to pursue a PhD in the future or wish to work in research-intensive job roles. You will be asked to present your thesis and defend your work in front of a committee of up to three advisors.

Naturally, Thesis Masters requires in-depth research on a subject, so if you are an inquisitive person by nature and like to delve deep into a particular subject, you should find it interesting. An average student takes up to 2. Usually, in a course of 45 credits, a minimum of 9 credits are allocated to the thesis and the rest are for regular course-work.

Each core subject and elective ends in an exam. You will also be expected to do some project work involving a bit of research and writing, but it will probably not be published. This type of course structure is focused on laying the groundwork for a professional career—teamwork, leadership skills, creativity, etc.

Summing it up, if you intend to do a Ph. GRE , Masters. GMAT Testimonials. GMAT Results. GRE Testimonials. GRE Results. SAT Testimonials. SAT Results. MBA Admits. MS and PhD Admits. Professors act more as guides and advisors who help students clarify their goals and aid in their research projects and thesis development. Ultimately, there is no right or wrong degree path. Both degrees offer a quality education that can help you excel. If you want to dive into a career in research and development or pursue a Ph.

Another thing to consider is your learning style. What methods of learning do you enjoy more? If you thrive in group projects and assignments, a non-thesis degree may be more efficient in helping you retain information. For those of you independent thinkers who love to dive deeply into subjects, you might relish in the idea of the research needed in the production of a thesis. Think about what type of academic environment will motivate you to earn your degree.

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